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Seasons at Dazaifu Temangu Shrine and tourist spots around Dazaifu

I will introduce the seasonal scenery of Dazaifu Temangu Shrine and the tourist spots around it. I will deliver the highlights of each season, such as cherry blossoms, autumn leaves, plum blossoms and irises.
Fukuoka Airport

Convenient Access from Fukuoka Airport to Fukuoka City and Nearby Tourist Spots

Planning to explore the vibrant city of Fukuoka and its nearby tourist attractions starting from Fukuoka Airport? Look n...

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park Travel and Stay Guide

Japan is a wonderful country known for its beautiful nature and captivating tourist destinations. Among them, Uminonakam...
Fukuoka's festivals

Your Ultimate Guide to Fukuoka’s Vibrant Festivals – Don’t Miss the Hakata Dontaku and Yamakasa!

Discover the vibrant festivals of Fukuoka – Hakata Dontaku and Yamakasa! Unforgettable experiences await, from the lively Hakata Dontaku to the thrilling Kakiyama and Kazariyama at Yamakasa. Join the cultural celebration now!
Japanese Street Food

Japanese Lunch Sets(teishoku) : A Delectable and Affordable Gastronomic Experience

Discover the five captivating features of Japanese lunch sets. Find out how these meals offer a perfect balance of health and taste, providing a convenient and affordable culinary experience. Immerse yourself in Japan's food culture.
Kumano Brushes

Exploring the Beauty of Kumano Brushes : Masterpieces from Kumano Town, Hiroshima

Discover the rich heritage of Kumano brushes, masterpieces from Kumano Town, Hiroshima. Explore their birthplace, superior quality, versatility, artistry, renowned brands, and the captivating conclusion.
Japanese Street Food

The Sweet Side of Japanese Streets: Taiyaki, Kakigori, and Beyond

Indulge in the mouthwatering world of Japanese street desserts. From the irresistible taiyaki to refreshing kakigori. Discover the legends of imagawayaki and hōraku manjū, and be captivated by the allure of dorayaki.
Japanese Street Food

Yakitori – Skewered Delights on the Grill

"Yakitori - Skewered Delights on the Grill." From a diverse menu featuring Negima, Tsukune, Reba and more, to flavorful sauces and the art of skewering, discover the grilling process. Enjoy the tantalizing tastes of this Japanese favorite!
Japanese Street Food

Ramen on the Go – Slurping Noodles in the Streets

Embark on a savory adventure through the world of street food ramen. Explore regional variations, tantalizing toppings, and the global phenomenon of slurping noodles on the go.
Japanese Street Food

Exploring the Culinary Delights: Japanese Street Food Unveiled

Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant world of Japanese street food. From Takoyaki to Ramen, Yakitori to Okonomiyaki, and sweet delights, uncover the tantalizing flavors of Japan's popular street eats.